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We understand that for most people buying a property is the biggest single purchase they will ever make so we make use of innovative technology to keep you informed and assured every step of the way.

Highly Experienced

We process thousands of transactions every year. Through experience we have come to learn what really matters to clients particularly those who are dipping their feet into the property market for the first time.


First Time Buyers

We understand that clients, particularly those who are buying a house for the first time, want to be kept updated as to the progress of their transaction and generally look for information as to what is happening.

We operate a combination of on-line and email processes which provide frequent explanations as to what is going on and what the next step will be.


New Build Property

There are aspects of buying a New Build that are unique. Over the years we have built up excellent relationship with many of the leading Builders and this area of law has become one of our specialities.

We have a New Build Team who only handle this type of transaction and who will keep you advised of everything that you need to know



Often when it comes to selling you can be involved in a chain. This can limit the pace that you move at as it is relies on various moving parts! That’s why you need assurance that your conveyancer can act on your behalf to achieve a quick result by expertly resolving any barriers. With our process, you’ll know exactly what you are paying and what to expect.



When remortgaging, there are a lot of things to consider. It can be a little overwhelming at first and it is, therefore, always a good idea to seek advice from expert legal professionals who can explain the process clearly to you. If you are looking for a remortgage advice, get in touch with us today.



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Access to Conveyancing Lawyers
with over 40 years experience

Access to highly experienced and substantial conveyancing legal firms in Scotland.


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Instant quotation available either by Internet or telephone

Client Care At Our Core

Everything is explained to you in plain English so you understand each stage of the process.


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