Selling a property in 2016 raises issues where experienced and specialist conveyancing solicitors are an absolute necessity. Issues that only a few years ago would not have been considered now need to be overcome on a daily basis. You need legal support with experience, knowledge and deep resources; all of these requirements and fantastic value, is exactly what you will receive from legal firms working with

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The other important factor is to make sure that you are comparing like with like. The quotation that you will receive from will not only cover legal fees but also estimate government costs such Search Reports and Registration Costs at the Land Register. In addition, will provide an estimate of any additional costs which may arise in particular circumstances. Our aim is to provide transparency in an area often not associated with clarity and plain English.

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It will often be the case that prospective sellers are doing some homework before plumping for a solicitor to act on their behalf. If you are trying to find out about the legal aspects of selling property then you will probably be interested in some of the issues you may face.

A conveyancing system under stress

It was often observed that the Scottish conveyancing system was far superior to its southern neighbour. Events over the last 15 years have meant that such a claim can no longer easily be made and the conveyancing system would not be recognisable to someone who last purchased a property before that time. makes a real difference. Importantly, unlike many sources of conveyancing that you will find on the Internet, we serve only the Scottish market, are proudly based in Scotland and we are steeped in the workings of the Scottish conveyancing system.

Why makes a difference

To understand the value of knowledge, experience and know-how developed over many years it is worthwhile looking at some of the issues facing a seller in today’s market.

The Impact of the Financial Crisis: although nearly a decade in the past, the long reach of the 2007/8 financial crisis remains. Of course, if you are selling and not also purchasing then you may be unconcerned about changes in the approach of mortgage lenders. But the person who is buying from you is likely to be obtaining mortgage finance and accordingly problems that may impact upon them will necessarily also impact upon you. So, when these issues arise, the deep knowledge and experience of legal firms working with are vitally important. The ability to get to the heart of a problem and resolve it or understand its implications cannot be underestimated.

The Scottish Contract (known as “missives”): for years the “jewel in the crown” of the Scottish system of conveyancing was a speedy upfront contract which was in contrast to the English system where the conclusion of the contract (exchange of contracts) was much later in the timeline of the transaction and where uncertainty seemed endemic. No more so evident was the scourge of the English system known as “chains” where many transactions could be dependent upon the completion of another transaction.

Although the Scottish system still purports to have an upfront “offer” this, in many ways, is simply a facade for a system which in effect is not really different from the English one in terms of delays in completing contracts, “chains” and what appears to be a bewildering level of detail.

All of this creates complexity, potential delay and, inevitably, stress for the seller. The legal firms working with understand this and plain English communication, use of the Internet and most of all a fundamental understanding of how the system relates to you are there to make your life easier. Unfortunately, no one, whatever they say, can guarantee that you will not encounter issues in your transaction. The experience of legal firms means that you will have a full explanation of the issue, knowledge of whether there will be any cost implication and a clear choice on how to deal with the issue.

The “new” Scottish registration system: this is a complex and detailed subject but suffice to say that the introduction of a new registration system in Scotland has been far from straightforward. The problems affect a minority of cases but if your sale is one of the ones impacted by the requirements of this new legislation, then there is an increased possibility of delays and complexity.

Regulation: At the same time as lenders have introduced many new rules since the financial crisis then equally governments of all forms have been keen to add to the amount of regulation which accompanies conveyancing transactions. These range from matters such as the introduction of the Scottish stamp duty, LBTT, to the heavy weight of regulation to limit the possibility of money laundering and other financial crime.

The best way to understand the function of these regulations is to consider what happens at an airport security check-in. No matter how unlikely you are to be a terrorist, the law assumes that until you pass through the security check-in procedure there is a possibility that you are a terrorist. There is no profiling involved. Equally, when you are involved in a conveyancing transaction, no matter how unlikely it is that your transaction is being used to launder money or represents some other financial crime or tax evasion, the responsibility placed upon a conveyancing solicitor means that many checks have to be carried out. The amount and complexity of those checks will depend upon the nature of the transaction involved.

All of this is part of the modern world and the legal firms working with will do everything to make your life as straightforward as possible.